Psychometric Profiling

Successful recruitment is not about luck. Over many years, experience has shown us time and again that recruiting successfully is not about luck.  It is not just about gut instinct and the well-worn adage that “people buy from people” is a lazy and largely obsolete concept.

Planning, preparation and a meticulous recruitment process are vital to success. Detailed consideration of your desired result is required, enabling the design and implementation of a rigorous recruitment plan to get you there. 

It is important that emotive concepts such as personality, culture fit and likeability are considered, however they should be viewed through the lens of a consistent, measurable and competency-based selection process. 

When you start to consider recruitment in this way, it can begin to feel a little daunting and fraught with potential pitfalls.

Telesales Recruitment are experts in the design and implementation of such processes, presenting our clients with a bespoke solution every time, based on their specific requirements.

We provide you with effective tools to aid you in every aspect of your hiring decision.  

Central to this is the application of detailed and relevant Psychometric testing, supplying you with deep insights into candidate’s skill sets, aptitudes, strengths and weaknesses in areas such as listed here:

Offices Across the Country

Telesales Recruitment’s head office is in Leeds. We also have staff and offices across the country in Bristol, Cambridge and Milton Keynes ensuring that we can source telesales staff for businesses across the UK.

Skills Tests & Psychometric Profiling

We psychometrically profile and skills test each candidate as standard. We use the widely recognised personality identity profile and sales profile analysis to make sure that we find the right fit for your vacancy.

Bespoke Interviewing

Following the results of the psychometrics and skills tests of our candidates, we design interview formats which really challenge candidates. This is to again ensure that we find the right person for your business as our rebate scheme requires that we find a good fit.

12-Month Rebate Scheme

Telesales Recruitment offers an unprecedented 1 year rebate scheme in our service, illustrating. This means we have to find someone who will succeed for your business as it works in our interests to find an employee who is right.

Homeworking? No problem

Enabling your staff to work from home can benefit both employer and employee in many ways.  Considerable economies of finance and time can be achieved, as well as a host of health and wellbeing benefits that can increase productivity and benefit the wider environment. 

Effective home working is a skill, however.  Not all are equipped to work in this way and the cost to your business of getting it wrong will be significant. 

Our Psychometric tests are specifically designed to identify those with effective homeworking character traits, ensuring that they have the discipline, structure and self-motivation to work from home in the way that you require and enabling you to successfully navigate away from those who don’t.

Our tests have been benchmarked against a huge spectrum of telesales professionals, covering all sectors and required competencies.  They are independently verified and invigilated to provide consistent, relevant insights to assist you in your hiring decisions.

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