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Offices Across the Country

Telesales Recruitment’s head office is in Leeds. We also have staff and offices across the country in Bristol, Cambridge and Milton Keynes ensuring that we can source telesales staff for businesses across the UK.

Skills Tests & Psychometric Profiling

We psychometrically profile and skills test each candidate as standard. We use the widely recognised personality identity profile and sales profile analysis to make sure that we find the right fit for your vacancy.

Bespoke Interviewing

Following the results of the psychometrics and skills tests of our candidates, we design interview formats which really challenge candidates. This is to again ensure that we find the right person for your business as our rebate scheme requires that we find a good fit.

12-Month Rebate Scheme

Telesales Recruitment offers an unprecedented 1 year rebate scheme in our service, illustrating. This means we have to find someone who will succeed for your business as it works in our interests to find an employee who is right.

The Way the World Conducts Business is Changing

Technology is enabling faster, smarter and more profitable relationships between businesses and their customers. Increasingly organisations recognise this is achievable without the need for expensive, ecologically damaging and time-consuming travel to meetings.

A vital component in this process is an effective telesales operation.  Often the first human interaction between a business and customer, it is essential that those representing your organisation are equipped to get it right first time.

Telesales Recruitment exists to ensure this happens.  We deliver best in market telesales recruitment and contact centre recruitment solutions with exceptional expertise.  We support your hiring decisions, providing a range of advanced tools, such as sector-specific psychometric testing, homeworker testing and bespoke interviewing, enabling you to recruit the best telesales talent available. Read about our services here.

We provide a market-leading 12-month rebate structure, supplying every one of our clients the utmost support and confidence when making key hiring decisions. Telesales Recruitment is founded and operated by some of the UK’s most experienced and respected recruitment experts.  We have a long track record of working with businesses of every type, to deliver successful recruitment campaigns on time and within budget. Telesales Recruitment are diligent, ethical and transparent in all aspects. 

Put simply we are committed to delivering recruitment outcomes that exceed expectation time and time again.


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