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Complete the form below to submit a vacancy and one of our consultants will get back to you in regards to filling the position. Alternatively call 0113 366 3006 to speak to one of our consultants directly.

Telesales Recruitment offers a unique 12 month rebate scheme with complementary skills testing and psychometric profiling on all of our candidates, click here to find out more about our service.

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Why Work With Telesales Recruitment?

Offices Across The Country

A nationwide recruitment agency.

A Unique 12 Month Rebate Scheme

Backing up your investment in staff.

Skills Testing & Psychometric Profiling

Bespoke Interview Questions

On all of our candidates as standard.

Personalised questions for each candidate.

Telesales Recruitment’s head office is in the centre of Leeds, where we base the majority of our operations. We also have staff and offices across the country in Bristol, Cambridge and Milton Keynes ensuring that we can source telesales staff for businesses across the UK. Should you choose to work with us we are happy to meet with you and discuss your recruitment requirements and opportunities. All of our offices are available for interview use in your recruitment process and are fully furnished with Wi-Fi, telephone lines and office support.  

Telesales Recruitment offers an unprecedented 1 year rebate scheme in our service which we believe illustrates the commitment we put into finding the right staff for your business. The rebate means we have to find someone who will succeed for your business as it works in our interests to find an employee who is right. The scheme works on a sliding scale protecting your investment in new staff should they leave within the first year of employment. Click here to find out more about our unique rebate scheme.

To ensure that we put the right applicants forward we psychometrically profile and skills test each candidate as standard. Telesales Recruitment uses the widely recognised personality identity profile and sales profile analysis to make sure that we find the right fit for you vacancy. We offer over 1100 skills tests for your recruitment process, click here to find out more about the psychometrics and skills tests that we suggest.

Following the results of the psychometrics and skills tests of our candidates, we design interview formats which really challenge candidates. This is to again ensure that we find the right person for your business as our rebate scheme requires that we find a good fit.

1) Offices Across The Country

2) A Unique 12 Month Rebate Scheme

3) Skills Testing & Psychometric Profiling

4) Bespoke Interview Questions

Recruit Telesales Staff

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