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Psychometric Profiling and Skills Testing Included in Our Service

As part of Telesales Recruitment’s service we include psychometric profiling on all of our candidates as standard. This helps to ensure that each candidate has the right personality for the role and will fit with the culture of your business. The psychometric profiles we use create a report of each candidate, which when used in combination with interviewing makes for an effective recruitment process. The two psychometric profiles we include complementary within our service are:

The Personality Identity Profile (PIP)

The Sales Profile Analysis (SPA)

Skills Testing

This psychometric profile is powered by Kenexa which is owned by IBM, one of the World’s largest skills testing organisations. The PIP considers eight key personality traits:

1.    Assertiveness

2.    Drive

3.    Extroversion

4.    Confidence

5.    Social Sensitivity

6.    Caring (How aware a candidate is of others)

7.    Structure (How a candidate goes about a task)

8.    Openness to Change

The PIP takes between 7 and 10 minutes to complete and requires candidates to answer 66 questions. Following this a report is created which provides an overview and insight into each applicant’s personality traits. An example of the PIP report you will receive as an employer can be found here.

Sample Sales Profile Analysis Report.pdf

The SPA is the second psychometric profile Telesales Recruitment uses to shortlist candidates. It follows the DiSC theory developed by the psychologist William Marston, giving an insight into a candidates Dominance, Influence, Steadiness (work pace) and Conscientiousness. After each candidate has completed the profile a report is compiled which gives an insight into how each candidate would perform if placed in a sales role. An example of a SPA report can be found here.

Telesales Recruitment offers a range of over 1100 candidate skills tests to find a candidate which has the correct competencies for your role. Each test that we offer takes between 30 to 45 minutes to complete, and we recommend that you choose between one and three skills tests in your recruitment process. All of our skills tests are completed online and the results are available for you to view. The tests that Telesales Recruitment provide are proven to be valid and are designed by professionals in their field.

Recruit Telesales Staff Sample PIP Report.pdf